If you’d like to take your talents, refine them, create new expertise, and maximize your business potential in all market conditions - the Interior Stylist Program can provide all the necessary ingredients for business and professional success.


Celebrate the Soul of a Home

Julea Joseph, Interior Stylist Program founder

Modeled after founder’s Julea Joseph own business, Julea created a progressive menu of services for her interiors and home staging company. After starting her business in 1999, she quickly found that her clients needed a stepped series of design services. She’d complete a one day makeover project and her client would ask how to style their spaces for a party they were having. Julea would stage a client’s home to sell, then move them into their new home, selecting paint colors, and helping make that new place their own. She wasn’t a interior decorator, she wasn’t a home stager - she wasn’t something completely new. She was an Interior Stylist.


The Interior Stylist Program is a 4 day interactive, educational workshop, hands-on lab, on location sessions, and a dynamic business model incorporating room makeovers, home staging and lifestyle design services.

Be on the cutting edge of a unique service set - Whether you are already in the home design or staging industry, are seeking a new career path, or are a home design enthusiast - Welcome to the Interior Stylist Program.



4 day interior stylist program

Become the new generation of designer. Certified Interior Stylists enrich a home’s environment with a bespoke business model. Interior Stylists embrace and celebrate a home with service menu offerings of interior arrangement, home staging  and lifestyle design services. Our 4 DAY Interior Stylist certification educational program has on location sessions, hands on labs and offers a dynamic professional business model, so you are busy 12 months of the year and have a exclusive design brand.


grow your PRO business intensives

Our GROW YOUR PRO BUSINESS intensives offer the attendee insight to building a better business. An in-depth 1-2 day workshop be better your skills and insight, or perhaps a new services you’d like to incorporate.  Join us for these in-person business building seminars to grow a viable, successful and busy business.  Current workshop: 2 DAY Occupied Home Staging Seminar.


HOW TO Workshops

Education for home and lifestyle. Whether you are a pro or just have a love for decorating, can't get enough of HGTV, and want to create an amazing interior style - our HOW TO Workshops are perfect for those who want to celebrate home, use what you own, get interior, redesign and home staging techniques to make any home environment the envy of the neighborhood.