Package Your Home to Sell - Why Hiring a House Stager is a Must!

Have you ever gotten a gift from Tiffany's?  From the lovely velvet pouch, beautiful blue bag and white satin ribbon... The packaging is as awesome as the lovely gift inside.  How many of you kept the packaging too? 

Genius packaging of a product - Right?  Take that same logic when you are selling your home - Home Staging is packaging the product! And house stagers are genius' at packaging a home for sale.



Packaging the House to Sell

HGTV shows,  lots of inventory and busy people who want to move right in without a fuss, make it imperative to hire a stager.  If you are selling your home, you need to stage your home - Period.  Today's buyer can't image your kitchen without the floral wallpaper, without the clutter, your collections, nor can she picture your empty dining and living room decorated.  Instead, she wants to picture your kitchen as hers - with her favorite accessorizes and a fabulous dining and living room styled like her favorite home decor catalog.  She wants to picture herself living in the home. A home stager provides the insight, talents and execution to help that buyer picture themselves in your home.

All Homes Need Staging

And why wouldn't you want to make sure your home moves to the front of the line when it goes on the market?  We staged a house recently that was nice, but we made it awesome.  The home hit the market on a Saturday and they had a firm contract on Monday.  The home moved to the front of the line. All homes need to be staged.

You need to package the product well to sell, so hire a stager and listen to them. Home Staging isn't a new concept, it isn't  a fad, and the majority of you can't do it yourself - I know, I've been staging homes for 17 years.

Here's why - it has been your haven and self image for years; you're emotionally connected to your home.  You think your home is just fine, it's your taste, your collections, your image of lovely. Well, guess what?  When you want to sell it, it's no longer your home but a house that needs to be sold and it needs to be packaged for the new buyers -which aren't you.  As a house staging pro, we'll help you detach emotionally and offer professional advice on what needs to be done to get it ready for market.

A house stager is your home selling partner. We save you time, we make the selling process less stressful, we are here to help and most importantly we want you to sell your home.
— Julea Joseph


Packaging the Product

By hiring a house stager you get a professional  that can look at your space with an unbiased eye and expertise in zeroing in on who the ideal client is -what attracts that target buyer to your home. We package the goods.  This is our trade, we offer an array of services - we prep, box, wrap and present the perfect package.

  • We're updated on the latest home design and remodeling trends; so if your home needs to be refreshed, we offer expertise for you to make wise, cost effective updates. We know when to spend it and when not to, especially considering your price point.

  • An experienced house stager is an expert in making the most of a home, how it will look best in a MLS photo and in person from curb side to back fence.

  • Buyers shop on-line first and fall in love second and if your spaces don't look ideal, they'll click or walk to the next listing.

  • From room arrangements, smart inside/out paint color choices to how your backyard patio should look, we're educated, creative and experienced stylists to make your home appeal to the right buyer.

  • We know people.  Nice painters to cleaning people - being in the business has its perks.

  • We're professionals - This is our business.  We do not do this for fun, part time or as part of another business, we are experts at what we do and have a track record to prove it.

  • We offer an array of services.  From a D.I.Y. check list for those on a budget, turn-key project management for a vacant property to helping you make your next home your haven, house stagers can help on every level.

How Much do Stagers Cost?

As little as a few hundred dollars for a Home Staging Evaluation on up - It all depends on the home's needs. But in the big picture of selling the most expensive product you've ever bought, our fee is cost effective!