Why Home Staging Clients Love Interior Stylists!

My two latest appointments illustrate why having a progressive menu of services brings you long term relationships with your best business source – An existing client!


1.      A staging client purchases a gift certificate for a ‘One Day Makeover’ for his wife for their new home. (Nice hubby!) By having a pro help you settle into your new space, you’ll be at ease that you have the right floor plan, keen room arrangements and with our styling and accessory merchandising talents – What is new becomes comfy, organized and ready for entertaining. We make your old stuff look sensational in your new place.

2.      My staging client hires me to help choose new paint colors and help her shop for new things to give her new space a fresh look. Interior Stylists are experts at color direction and will help pull together a fresh new style for your new space by coordinating what you own with you need.

Beyond the typical home stager's repertoire of just prepping that home for sale, as an interior stylist I have a progressive menu of services that continues to service client as they move on to their next home. Once that home is SOLD, we’re right with you, helping you move-in and turn your NEW house into a home.

§                            Color Consultation- Since we’re already familiar with your things from your old home, we’re right by your side in expertly selecting and creating a new color palette.  From paint color to textile suggestions - Gone with the old home owners hues or those contractor white wall, in with color choices in-tune to your belongings and personal style.

§                            Interior Redesign- We take what you have and make it all work within your new home.  In just a day, your blank space becomes your space.  Your room becomes balanced, functional and unified. Best of all, you get instant gratification, validate your existing pieces, and ready the space for family and friends.  

§                             Shopping, Procurement &  Design Services- If you'd like to refresh and add to your furniture & collections, we can make suggestions or ease your load and shop for those new pieces.  Need more traditional design service such as window treatments or more?  Our talents and resources can add those finishing touches to your space or work with you and your contractor to make needed or wanted updates.